Do you still learn or already develop?

In my leadership seminars I try to create learning opportunities for my participants. But what is learning? Some managers think, learning is collecting tools and getting to know examples. There is of course some value in that

But on the other hand this is just more of the same: Just another tool, just another example.

How about not adding more content to your inner hard drive but changing your own operating system?

How about if you knew what to do in order to really make changes happen?How about your last off site meeting were you collected again many measures and activities and after half a year no one remembered almost anything? How about you then really leading a successful business AND private life no longer disconnected?Well, that you only can learn by development. This requires mindful reflection rather than memorizing and repetition. It is just something different. As was last week’s great seminar. Thanks to everyone for the great joint effort and experience…

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