From Zero to Hero then what? Next practice for performing organizations

Luckily, there are good examples of organizations doing pretty well in business. Even if they have a history that also shows some dark spots. Typically you will find then years of solid leadership and hard work to  fix the basics, building up a certain market position. In other words: It’s mostly fixing the basics and stabilizing processes & structures. But you also find typical borders of growth – something like a glass bottom...

You are doing already excellent and just by optimizing a already good system – this will not get any better. In order to prepare a jump into a new dimension, you have to prepare for deeper innovation. Not only on the products / services side, but also on customer side, creating new revenues with different business models . This usually creates a high demand on the resources side. New skills, More flexibility, Different mindset. And probably it is most important to start to create a new mindset before you make the move into a new reality. If you look at the business world, you can identify companies doing that to a very professional extent. One example for this is BMW: They communicate a lot of efforts of creating a new future where we will be very dynamically mobile with electro vehicles (Mega City Vehicle). But: BMW does not have a single e-mobile on the market yet. Opel with its Ampera or Chevrolet with the Volt (same thing, I know) were much faster on the market. And they pay the price today: Customers are not well prepared to buy the vehicles. And the sales teams out there aren’t either. So it is a pretty smart move of BMW to prepare everybody who has still “Gasoline in the blood” for an electrifying future. This is very important for the preparation of the workforce AND the market. It is a great example of change management. My orediction is, that other car makers in Germany will be suffering a lot NOT preparing this early on.

So, this is one example you can learn from, but on the other hand: Where to do you get your inspiration where to start and what a good next step might be? I currently work in those cases with very practical steps that are derived from emergent future definition processes like you find in the Theory u of Otto Scharmer.

Theory U: Learning from the Future as It Emerges: Learning from the Futures as It Emerges (BK Business)

Not totally new though but well described. Another source of inspiration for guiding and consulting in this area lies within a collection of concepts that go bach on the research of Clare W. Graves. He describes in his Value System the development of human mankind as such and in smaller ways the development of groups and human systems. Although I must say that each and every model that is used in consulting and organizational development hast to be tested to prove its value – this is one could stand my own test in many ways. So if you want to make yourself familiar with the concepts I recommend for a start a publication coming from the US:

Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change

You will already find a good description of the basic idea and a couple of examples how this can be applied in business. Still this needs much more clear translations and adaptions (which I did in the last couple of years). IFor all german readers of my blog: There is an excellent German Version on Graves – which is very different to the American publication an therefore will offer  other perspectives and insights. If you are interested in this you will actually need to deal with both books and you have a much broader understanding…This is the Link to the German book…

Unternehmen verstehen, gestalten, verändern: Das Graves-Value-System in der Praxis

I hope that these hints inspire and help. Hope to talk to you soon about this…

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