Invitation: INOC Meeting for Organizational Developers & Coaches November 10-11 in Munich

Since 2016 I host the INOC community. INOC stands forInternational Organizational Development & Coaching.

But what is INOC?

It is a community of internationally minded professionals who want to net-work across boarders. We formed a core team, that continuously worked on the idea of a learning event rather than just another conference. For our event on November 10-11, we want to invite real participants and not only people who want to consume.Everyone is invited who already is active in the field of OD & Coaching.

This year we have three perspectives:

  1. Intercultural encounter: Of course, we want to use the fact, that we come from different cultural backgrounds. We let you experience state-of-the-art interventions to become a net-working group of professionals right in the beginning…
  2. Roots of Organizational Development: Our field of OD & organizational coaching has cultural based roots: We all work based on a heritage of different „schools“ from different national and therefore cultural backgrounds. Not only will we show these roots but we want you to **become more effective in your daily work** by being more aware of these roots and **learn from each other’s backgrounds**. We also invited **John Scherer** as an expert in this matter as a wonderful inspiring key note speaker.
  3. Return of the autocrats: This is a rather provocative and thought-provoking topic. We all see currently in society  but also in leadership or organizational worlds the rise of **autocratic or even dictatorial patterns**. Tackling them requires collective learning & intelligence. The question is, how to deal with these tendencies professionally and we will address these issues with a reflexive format…

If you are an internationally minded OD & coaching professional, we want YOU for these two days.

Here is a video message for you:https://youtu.be/5WLONsyXzn8One last note: Our INOC network has no profit interests. We want network & learning. That’s why INOC is not a classic organization but an initiative of professionals. The cost for you as participants will help you to finance the expenses of the meeting itself but will not generate profit. We all carry our own travel expenses. We rather want to become a international movement without bureaucratic boundaries.We also created a SLACK channel to get in touch with you even before the conference.

Please join here: https://inocmeeting2017.slack.com/join/shared\_invite/MjEyMzgyMTk4MTk5LTE0OTk4NDY0NDEtZGJlYmE1NWQwZg

Now, I am looking forward to see you soon…Here is the link to our INOC website & registration: http://www.inoc-network.org/portfolio/inoc-meeting-2017/

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