Christina Janssen


Education and certificates

  • Institute for Systemic Consulting (ISBW), Germany: Organization and HR Development (Master)
  • University of Freiburg, Germany: M.A. in Political Science, German Literature and Education
  • Executive Coaching (DBVC), Design Thinking, Mediation (Columbia University, USA), Theory U (MIT Boston, USA), MBTI, Business and Management (New York University, USA), Visual Facilitation, Agile Leadership, Agile Strategy

Warum arbeite ich als Berater?

My purpose

Facilitating alignment towards a common goal

Was sind meine Herzensthemen?

My passion

  • Global strategy development
  • Transformation in multi-national corporates
  • Global Leadership Development Programs and their local adaption
  • (Virtual)leadership and collaboration in the global matrix
  • Agile strategy and organization development
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation across cultures

Was zeichnet mich als Berater aus?

What makes me special?

  • Global Citizen: a native of three continents
  • All-terrain: at home in everyday life and leadership cultures of the Americas, Asia and Europe
  • Two decades: experience managing complex global transformation
  • Calibration: balances global standards with local adaptation
  • Change of perspective: sparks interest in the other


Rollen & Funktionen


Since 2005: Senior Consultant for international strategy and transformation

  • Designed and implemented complex global change initiatives in the Americas, Asia and Europe
  • Based in NewYork (5 years) and India (5 years)

Prior in internal roles:

  • UN Headquarters New York: Organizational Change
  • EU Commission in Bulgaria: Learning and Development
  • City of New York: Mediator
  • United Nations and giz Ecuador: Project Manager



  • Engineering
  • High Tech
  • IT
  • Pharma
  • global development cooperation


Institutsprogramm 2021

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